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Phoebe English


Phoebe English constructs clothes like poetry.


They are seemingly dissected, examined and reconstructed in a way that questions each syllable and its purpose. Classic forms, forgotten traditional techniques and crafts are reformed and repurposed under new rules. Seams and hems are exposed, opened up and left hanging and what’s normally hidden becomes exaggerated features. It’s never about decorating but examining integral constructions and questioning their existence - this modification of structure from its core is used to create new shapes and surfaces.

These are clothes that don’t shout but keep whispering to you. The more you learn, the more there is to learn. But this is not just Phoebe questioning the clothes before her, but questioning the politically and socially charged constructs of the world around her.

Phoebe English is a brand imbued with integrity - from her reduce waste policy, to her choice of natural materials and entirely made in England production - it all comes back to an attitude of meticulously questioning systems not symptoms.

Phoebe English is based in London and studied at Central Saint Martins under Louise Wilson. She has been exhibited at the V&A Fashion in Motion and is stocked in many of the most reputable stores internationally.