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Ovelia Transtoto


Ovelia Transtoto is a certain attitude. It’s the girl that’s never part of the gang but is accepted in whatever gang she wishes to hang out with. She remains always borderline.

How does this attitude translate to clothes? Ovelia blurs the lines been the historical and modern, dressed up and dressed down, functional and dysfunctional.


Being borderline is a place where unique identities are formed through cut and paste whilst rejecting too much of any one reference or trend. It’s an attitude that is indefinable, balanced and independent.

Cutting through all this, these garments make a bold statement but are versatile for any function - be it work, play and formal and informal.


Ovelia Transtoto is an Indonesian designer based in London who studied at Central Saint Martins. Her very first collection in 2016 was stocked by the prestigious Dover Street Market. All items are made in England.