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+ This is an emergency


+ There is no planet B


+ Join us and act now to save life on Earth


In the face of catastrophic climate and ecological collapse that threatens our lives and the extinction of all life, we must tell the truth and use the most effective means to achieve meaningful action. We support Extinction Rebellion and believe that non-violent direct action is the best method to fight for our futures and what can still be saved. 


Higher Studio supports "Fashion Costs The Earth: #XR52 Boycott New Clothing"

  Extinction Rebellion asks you to stop buying clothing made from new materials for at least 1 year and instead use what we've already got, buy, rent or swap recycled or second-hand.

Sara Arnold of Higher Studio to speak at Decoded Future, a Stylus event


Sara will speak about the biggest issues facing the industry at an innovation summit with sustainability at is heart

6th June, 2019, County Hall, London

Learn more about Extinction Rebellion


Extinction Rebellion is a environmental activist movement using non-violent direct action to demand meaningful action on climate and ecological collapse. We demand the government tell the truth, agree to zero carbon by 2025 and halt the loss of biodiversity and to set up a citizens assembly to decide how this is done.