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Congregation are a collective of artists and designers approaching fashion as an extracurricular activity, but this doesn’t mean it’s an after-thought to their bread and butter. In reaction to their day jobs in the industry, design is approached with creativity, experimentation and enjoyment taking priority over commercial interests. Seemingly there's a nostalgia for students days where questioning the status quo is paramount.


Congregation come together anonymously to plot to disrupt the design and production processes in its entirety. As a collective, much of what they do is not about the outcome but the process of support, collaboration and community.


For each collection the team changes. The collective work together under a particular body of research but then develop their own creations. These are then exhibited in unison, and their items are made to order on their website to ensure no overproduction.

In the spirit of sharing the design process, it’s fitting that higher studio works with Congregation facilitating post-ownership from start to finish.